• Do we operate with NDAs?

    Yes. We are guarantying that our cooperation will be confidential.

  • Do we speak English?

    Of course! Our team is English-speaking and has solid experience of cooperation with foreign teams.

  • Can we transfer copyrights to the developed projects?

    Certainly, the code that our web development company create is yours. We can also sign a contract to have all questions clear.

  • Can we offer hosting for your web solution?

    Yes, our web development & hosting team can assist you here. Moreover, we host a lot of our clients' sites and APIs on AWS, Google Cloud, Dedicated Servers , VPS & Shared Servers with data center in USA, Canada, Europe, India. You can choose the most convenient hosting plan that include supporting, monitoring and other useful services.

  • Can we take over a project developed by another company?

    Sure, we are ready for such kind of work! At first our company need to analyze it, then we’ll give you our recommendations on its improvement.

  • What is the process after I place an inquiry?

    Once you have placed an inquiry our sales team will contact you within 24 hours to understand your project requirements. And based on the information you provide, our BDA along with a technical team leader will prepare an excel sheet containing a ballpark quote. We believe that indulging a technical member while estimation results in more accurate quotes.If you find the estimates optimum, we’ll proceed further and prepare a detailed project SoW (Statement of Work) to define the deliverables, timeline and development activities after which the design and development team initiates the project execution.

  • What type of payment model do you provide?

    Our payment models are quite flexible. We provide - hourly and fixed price model - whichever is best suited for your project.Hourly model works great for the projects with constant changes and updates and you are billed for the number of hours spent on the project. While some projects with finite and specific scope goes well with fixed price model and the payments are made on the accomplishment of predetermined milestones.

  • What is your support and maintenance policy?

    We provide free maintenance and support for 2 months. And after that, you can opt for a maintenance package depending on your needs for minor tweaks or major updates, usually our charge for AMC is 20% of projects cost.

  • What project management tools do you use and how do you handle internal communication?

    Our team communicates and collaborates using Skype while for project management we use Asana, Trello and Jira (specifically for Agile projects). And for version controlling system our team employs Bitbucket, GitLab and GitHub.

  • What security standards do you follow for web development?

    We follow the standard security practices for all our web applications that ensure the best level of security. We adhere to the practices to prevent critical security flaws such as:Data validation via an HTTP request to prevent attacks such as SQL injection, log injection, Cross Site Scripting and HTTP Response Splitting.SSL (HTTPS) for protecting session IDs and cookies.Validation of server-side data as it is subjected to being modified.Frequent vulnerability scans while production and update.However, if the project needs added security we also provide on-demand third-party audits and comply with Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) for web apps, and PCI requirements for ecommerce.

  • How do you choose the ideal technology for my project?

    We select the ideal technology considering your project and its requirements. There are many factors and parameters that must be considered that’s the reason we analyze and drill down through your project at micro-levels to select optimum technology. The few primary things that we consider are: scalability and maintainability, cost, security, time to market, the performance of the application, database structure (relational/non-relational, graph database), ecosystem and more.