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What’s in it for your organization

Your company is now liberated from traditional constraints and can readily access the expertise of a dedicated software development team. Embracing software development outsourcing can result in significant budget efficiencies while enabling the delegation of critical development and management responsibilities. You have the freedom to choose between hiring a fully independent dedicated team or expanding your current resources by integrating additional developers or testers. RPA's Dedicated Team Hiring is proficient in addressing diverse business requirements and provides a broad spectrum of advantages, making it exceptionally well-suited for meeting various needs.


Rapid Scalability on Demand

Outsourcing your development needs not only frees you from the burden of maintaining an in-house team but also grants you greater flexibility, scope, and tech choices. Our swift recruitment process typically takes maximum of 7 working days, with specialist on boarded.


Time and Cost Effectiveness

Leveraging our dedicated hiring service not only saves time and budget but also mitigates common development pitfalls and risks. Our expert developers ensure a robust, low-maintenance product, while we handle recruiting, accounting, compliance, and infrastructure, streamlining your operations.


Accelerated Development

Engaging professional dedicated resources expedites project initiation, ensuring a swift and efficient start. Their expertise and commitment translate to quicker project launches, helping you achieve your goals more rapidly and effectively.


Robust Technology Backbone

Our developers are well-versed in evolving technologies and programming skills. Our dedicated team ensures transparency by consistently delivering reports, software builds, and updates, leaving you to focus solely on product management requests that demand your feedback.


High quality

We maintain vigilant oversight of our dedicated team's performance, consistently seeking client feedback to ensure that we can swiftly adapt and refine our approach as needed. Our iterative feedback loop fosters a dynamic partnership, where your input drives continuous optimization for sustained project excellence.


Full control

Our dedicated teams and resources operate seamlessly under your guidance, allowing you to maintain complete control and safeguard your project data within your organization. This collaborative approach ensures that your project remains in-house, guaranteeing data security and alignment with your overarching vision.

Hire Remote Developers Quickly and Easily with These Simple Steps

  • 1

    Tell Us About Your Project

    Specify the technical expertise necessary for your project, enabling us to better understand your requirements and assemble the right team for its successful execution.

  • 2

    Analyze Skills & Experience

    We offer the most relevant specialists to fulfill your requirements. You get several CVs for each role to check each specialist's technical experience and previous projects.

  • 3

    Interact Via Live Interview

    We arrange a video or voice interview with the pre-vetted specialists so you can get acquainted with them and understand who makes the best fit for your project.

  • 4

    Agree and sign

    We discuss our partnership terms and conditions: choose the engagement model, the volume of involvement, rates and prices, etc. Once agreed, we sign a contract and NDA.

  • 5

    Get Started in < 48 Hours

    Upon selecting the 'One,' commence your project with a steadfast commitment to clear and continuous communication. This ensures a smooth and productive project journey.

Traditional Hiring vs RPA

A dedicated team is the best choice for large and long-term development projects.

Hiring Parameter

  • Hiring Time
  • Joining Time
  • Transparency
  • Happiness Score
  • Severance
  • Compliant Management

image Traditional Hiring

  • Generally takes up to 60-70 days to hire.
  • Takes 30-45 days to join after the selection.
  • Need an extra team or tools to manage reports.
  • Managers struggle to improve productivity.
  • Usually 2-3 month of severance.
  • Managing PF, labor laws, laptops, Wifi, leaves, etc.

image RPA Technologies Hiring

  • It takes upto 7 business days to hire.
  • Candidate starts in 2-3 business days on selection.
  • Reports and monthly reviews are a click away.
  • Satisfied customers recommend us gladly.
  • No Severance when letting people go.
  • Just one invoice and a simple process.

image Traditional Hiring

image RPA

Hiring Time

Generally takes up to 60-70 days to hire.

It takes upto 7 business days to hire.

Joining Time

Takes 30-45 days to join after the selection.

Candidate starts in 2-3 business days on selection.


Need an extra team or tools to manage reports.

Reports and monthly reviews are a click away.

Happiness Score

Managers struggle to improve productivity.

Satisfied customers recommend us gladly.


Usually 2-3 month of severance.

No Severance when letting people go.

Compliant Management

Managing PF, labor laws, laptops, Wifi, leaves, etc.

Just one invoice and a simple process.

Dedicated Development Team Types

image Full-Service dedicated team

image You don’t have any development team.

image You need an all-set team that includes all specialists required for the project.

image Perfect to deliver the project from scratch.

image Team extension

image You have an in-house development team.

image You need standalone specialists for specific tasks or with particular expertise.

image Perfect to onboard additional team members fast.

Diverse Project Resources

Our extensive team of seasoned tech experts, well-versed in cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, continuously propels us ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of innovation. With our agile and forward-thinking approach, we consistently outpace industry trends, ensuring our leadership position in the dynamic world of technology innovation.

  • imageDedicated developers
  • Our dedicated developers are skilled in building high-performing iOS and Android apps. We use modern technologies like Swift, Kotlin, and Flutter. Furthermore, our in-house team includes front-end and back-end developers so that you can get your project covered by one development team.

  • imageUI/UX designers
  • imageQA engineers
  • imageProject manager
  • imageBusiness analyst

Our dedicated developers are skilled in building high-performing iOS and Android apps. We use modern technologies like Swift, Kotlin, and Flutter. Furthermore, our in-house team includes front-end and back-end developers so that you can get your project covered by one development team.


Industry-Tailored Innovation

If you're seeking dependable developers for industry-specific projects, your search ends here! Our formidable team of experts is ready to provide tailored solutions that precisely align with your unique business needs. With a proven track record of adaptability, we offer the flexibility to navigate a broad spectrum of industry-specific challenges, ensuring your projects are in capable hands from conception to success. Our experienced team thrives on the intricacies of industry-specific projects, backed by a deep understanding of the nuances that drive success in your sector. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your projects and achieve lasting excellence in your industry.

Start Your Digital Transformation

Our dedicated software developers have a good grasp of the latest technologies and platforms,
which helps us excel in different industries . Reach out to discover our expertise in top frameworks.

  • Mobile App
  • Front- end
  • Back-End
  • e-Commerce
  • database & Cloud
  • Design & Motion
  • QA & Testing

Hire Top Developers From 25+ Roles

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Popular Roles


See Why Clients heart RPA

I recently collaborated with RPA for my real estate website, and the experience was truly exceptional. Rohit led an incredible team that consistently exceeded my expectations. Shrishti was assigned as our dedicated project manager and excelled in demystifying complex tech terms, keeping us well-informed throughout the 5-month project. Manoj is a genius who successfully turned our ambitious CRM and website integration ideas into reality. Sushma's design skills were unparalleled, transforming our concepts into visual masterpieces. I've already recommended RPA to my professional network and am looking forward to a long-term relationship to explore their wide range of services.

client img

Mr. Tshepo Maubane

Managing Director - Neo Realty


Our experience with Rohit and his team has exceeded our expectations. The scope of work offered was flexible and tailored to suit our specific needs. Other IT companies said it would not be possible but RPA have made it work. Arshad and Manoj responded quickly to update the project based on feedback and all communication was handled seamlessly by Shrishti. We are glad to have found RPA and look forward to working with them on further projects with our other businesses in the future. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the project!

client img

Mr. Harvey Liptrot

Managing Director at Springboard Supplies Ltd

United Kingdom

I have been working with RPA to design and develop my travel website. It has a great deal of functionality that required a custom build. They have been extremely professional from the outset and their flexibility in being able to work solutions for complex problems has been amazing. Above all else, their level of communication is first class, I have been able to speak with Rohit and his team daily throughout the process. I cant recommend this team highly enough!

client img

Mr. Andrew Marty

Co-Founder - The Travel Hub


Rohit has been very hands on and proactive with stake holder management, he is very approachable and always ensures clarity in user’s requirements. Rohit and his team has been supporting us in our pilot projects using Shopify platform and have delivered some amazing results.

client img

Mr. Saif A Khan

Digital Retail and Customer Applications Manager - Audi Volkswagen Middle East


Our Worldwide Presence

We've served over 500 companies, empowering them to revolutionize their
operations through cutting-edge technological solutions.

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